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Bobby Jones Fairway Woods by Jesse Ortiz

I have retained the classic shape of the Bobby Jones fairway woods but redesigned the construction of the head to incorporate a CH-1 maraging type steel cup-face design that brings the CT near the range of the drivers. As with all of the Japanese style cup face designs, the edges are much thinner than the middle of the face, creating more ball velocity. This super hot face has a crisper, more distinctive sound than our previous model and it’s at least 12 yards longer. The cup-face has reduced the spin rate and has a more piercing ball flight than last year’s model. Due to the lower spin rate, I’ll only offer them in 15 and 17 degrees.

Each head has a weight screw of either aluminum or tungsten allowing me to add length or shorten as needed. This is handy with the 17 degree head which can be made into a 3-wood length with the light aluminum screw, or in a 5-wood with the heavier tungsten weight screw. The 17 degree 3-wood is extremely popular among recreational players. The woods keep a shallow face profile that my designs are known for. This lowers the CG and instills confidence at the address position, perfectly teeing the ball up from tight lies. The new Black series line has a bit less face progression than my earlier model and the sole features my trademark drag reducing inverted runners for greater playability from tight fairway lies. The light, adjustable hosel allows for face angle options of square, one degree closed and two degrees closed. The same jet black satin finish is used throughout the wood and hybrid line.