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Bobby Jones Jesse Ortiz Drivers

The 460 cc pear shaped driver features a new face material while keeping the hot cup-face design. Last year’s model was too loud for most tastes, so I changed to a denser grained Ti material that produces a more pleasing sound and feel. The cup-face design produces lower spin but maintains a high ball velocity off the face for the highest CT allowed. Spin rates are consistently in the 2500 rpm range, or below, with a launch angle a bit lower than most drivers. For this reason I recommend the 10.5 or 12 degree models for most players.

The sleek, aerodynamic slope of the crown increases clubhead speed and presents a very appealing look at the address position. The slim, superlight, adjustable titanium hosel is designed for a clean look, unlike most fat, clumsy offerings, and provides options of square, one degree closed or two degrees closed face angles. I don’t believe adding weight in the hosel area enhances performance, so I stay away from too many adjustment options. The cup-face is laser welded to the 6-4 cast ti body. I will provide drawings and dimensions of the cup-face at a later date. The new, jet black, satin finish is worthy of a Ferrari; the iridescent red crown decals that frame the head and offer alignment, give the club a jewel-like elegance. The traditional shape in a high-tech package will be among the most eye appealing drivers you’ll see.

Lofts are 9 degrees, 10.5 degree and OLA (12 degrees) The standard shaft offering is a Players Series Graphite shaft. These shafts are used throughout the line of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids and in stiff, regular and senior flexes.

Driver 9


Driver 10.5


Driver OLA